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Greetings from Washington State where a branch of the descendants of Captain John Grout landed after WWII. This Web Site is provided to help folks fill in the missing pieces of their family Genealogy tree, whether Grout or otherwise related.

Please note that I strive for accuracy on this site and to avoid the Internet pitfall of perpetuating wrong information. However some names and dates may appear here that I do not have 100% confidence in. I point this out when this is the case. Text in Blue indicates more speculative areas as well as my commentary and side notes. Please feel free to Email me at

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Information presented here is from The Genealogy of the Decedents of Several Ancient Puritans, by Rev. Abner Morse, 1857, and the descendants of Braman Grout, the last name in my family line to appear in Morse`s book. Other sources include US Census data, Sudbury town documents and Eleanor, Herald and Alvan Grout, who all had a passion for documenting the Grout family line.

NEW! I have created a Web page about Grout DNA, the early migration of our Ancestors and our Pre-history cultural roots Here.

Also Google Books has placed a searchable copy of The Genealogy of the Decedents of Several Ancient Puritans, by Rev. Abner Morse, 1857 (Grout chapter) on-line. Click here to read his history of the Grout family and search for specific family names. You can also download a PDF file.

Last updated: 29 October 2019

From the Rift Valley to Northern Europe

DNA testing tells us that our Grout ancestors left Africa for the `Fertile Crescent` in Iraq about 50,000 years ago. From there our ancestors migrated north through the Caucasus onto the Ukrainian Steppes then west into Northern Europe about 28,000 years ago. Around 18,000 years ago the last glacial advance pushed them into the Balkans but as the ice retreated 11,000 years ago they again moved north.

In 2500 BC our Grout ancestors lived in northern Germany from the Upper Rheine Valley to Lichtenstein. Our name Grout probably has it`s origins at this time and was originally Grote. We can trace our family through DNA to 13 males in the famous Lichtenstein Cave from 800 BC. They were part of the `Urnfield Culture` back then.

Sometime around 450 BC the Grout Clan was moving again, this time toward the coast. Our ancestors, known in DNA terms as Haplogroup I2b2-L38 (think of a Haplogroup as a `Tribe` or branch of the family Tree, originating with a single male) scattered over a broad range but were concentrated in modern Belgium where they were closely associated with the Celtic ``La Tene`` culture, known to the Romans as ``Gauls``.

I have created a Web page about our DNA history with much greater detail Here.

The land
of Gaul
53 BC
Gaul, circa 53 BC

In 1857 famed genealogist Abner Morse[1] traced the derivations of the name Grout and concluded our ancestors originated in Germany but came to England from the Celtic area of Northern France and Belgium inhabited by the Belgic Gaul. This means our ancestors may have belonged to the Grudii tribe, a part of the larger Nervii in the area. If true, many Grout ancestors lived around modern day Flanders in Western Belgium where the town square in Antwerp is called the Grote Market. It may yet prove that Morse was amazingly accurate!

However, it`s also possible our ancestors lived anywhere from Normandy to East Germany. One problem in picking an ancestral location is the many spellings Grout has taken; from Groot, Gross, Grote, Growse, Graus and so on due to the tribes of Gual being scattered across Europe by Julius Caesar in 53 BC. The spelling was changed according to the local custom and when an individual became a noble De, La or Von was added such as DeGroot.

On our Ancestors time in England

According to Morse, Grout ancestors may have arrived in England during the rein of Henry II, 1152-89 when there was an immigration of Flemish weavers. Other on-line sources speak of an immigration of Mercenary soldiers to fight in Ireland and Scotland as well as villagers fleeing wars on the continent. We know that our DNA did not appear in England prior to 4,000 BC and did not appear in large numbers until after the Roman invasion of Gaul in 53 AD.

St Mary
at Coslany

[Currently we do not know the region in England our ancestors lived in prior to coming to America however they may have been from Norwich England, just across the channel from Belgium. Records exist[2] of Grout Births and Marriages at St. Mary at Coslany, Norwich. There is also a Grouts Thoroughfare near the church. The History, Gazetteer, and Directory of Norfolk, published in 1836, lists many Grouts living there. Also, the early American Grouts were very close with other families we know to be from Norwich (See below).]

Our documented family line begins in England with :


I. Sir Richard Groutte, Esq., b. Abt 1562, d. (?), m. (?)

Sir Richard is presumed to be our oldest direct Ancestor of record because he received his Coat-of-Arms from Queen Elizabeth in Walton, Derbyshire England on 28 May 1587 and this Coat-of-Arms was still in the family in 1857. Nothing is really known of this man; where he was from or what service he did that led to his Knighthood. He is said to have been ``certified to be a descendant of an ancient family``. It`s also unclear if he was from Walton or was just Knighted there.

[It seems there is no official record of a Groutte Coat-of-Arms. I would speculate that this is due to the English Civil Wars or the plague, but who knows? Perhaps someday an ancient record will be located somewhere, perhaps at the College of Arms.]

Of the line of Grouts in America

I. John Grout, b. Abt 1588 in England, d. Abt 1637 in Boston, m. (?).

Our first American ancestor landed in Boston between 1633 and 1637 with 2 sons, John and William. He died shortly after. A family oral tradition in 1857 was that the father and sons arrived in Boston, escaping the plague in Wales. Little else is known of this man although locating his name on a ship`s passenger list may shed some light.

[Note that the information regarding John is not 100% verified and there may in fact be one more generation between Sir Richard and Capt. John. We`re not even certain his name was John. Locating Grout`s on a Ship`s Passenger List could shed a lot of light as it would give not only a departure date but the names and ages of passengers. The silence of the Passenger Lists is frustrating.

Also, there are a number of web sites that list John`s wife as Priscilla DeVere, b. 1590. This author has not found any actual records to confirm this however I have found a Priscilla Growte who was named in her father`s Will in 1632 in Walden Essex and his name was John Veere ``of the lordly line of Hugh de Veere``. Some speculate Priscilla was related to Edward De Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford and thought by some to be the ghost writer for Shakespeare. This is highly speculative and I only put it here to enable searches and perhaps share information.]

John had:

I. Capt. John Grout,1 b. Abt 1616, England, d. 25 Jul 1697, Sudbury Massachusetts, m. 1st Abt 1637, Mary (Cakebread), b. Abt 1616, d. Abt 1641, m. 2nd 1643, Sarah (Busby), b. Abt 1611, Norwich, England, d. 25 Apl 1699.

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John came to America with his father and brother between 1633 and 1637 and lived first in Watertown Massachusetts outside Boston where he married Mary (Cakebread) and had his first child in 1641. About 1643 he remarried to Sarah (Busby) and soon moved to Sudbury in the area now called Wayland (Google map) where he took over running his deceased Father-in-law Thomas Cakebread`s Grist Mill. He was a remarkable man. Through the 1600`s he rose to the rank of Captain in the Sudbury Militia and was assigned the training of the men. He was an expert in the use of a Halberd which indicates he was schooled in it back in England, perhaps at his Grandfather`s estate. He spoke the language of a Native Tribe in the Chapnacunco area, a part of the Nipmuc Tribe and is on record as the interpreter for a gift of land from a Sagamore (Chief) Tacomus to Governor Winthrop. He was a Selectman of Sudbury for many years and gave many testimonies on town affairs. He apparently was a skilled Surveyor and at 46 became a Chirurgion (Surgeon) in 1662. He also took the Freeman`s Oath and was said to have ``neat handwriting``. On 20 April 1676 he helped defend Sudbury against an Indian attack during King Phillips War. His life is well documented including a copy of his Will reprinted on page 6 in Morse. A brief Biography of Capt. John Grout can be read here. He died in 1697 at the remarkable old age of 81.

NEW! Aug. 4, 2011: The Sudbury Town Crier has written an article on Capt. Grout`s role in King Philip`s War. Click here to read The original Captain America saved Sudbury in King Philip's War[3]

[To avoid confusion with the many other John Grout`s in this period this ancestor is known generally as `Capt. John`. However, you will find some old documents list him otherwise. Here is a key to his promotions; Sergeant, 1643, Ensign, 1667, Lieutenant, 1676, Captain, 1689.]

Mary Cakebread John`s first wife Mary Cakebread and her sister Anne ``were Puritans, and together sought their fortunes in America, coming from England unattended by parents, husbands or lovers`` according to Who Begot Thee? They ``had been so tantalized and tormented for her Puritanism in England`` they came to America around 1633. Rev. Manasseh Cutler wrote of Anne, ``a woman of Puritan faith, and of wonderful decision, energy, and enterprise.[4]`` Mary and Anne were the daughters of Thomas Cakebread of Sudbury, (originally of Hatfield Broad oak, Essex) although there`s a good deal of confusion in the literature over this. (see below and read Facts and Speculation).

Sarah Busby John`s second wife Sarah Busby was the daughter of Nicholas Busby, a weaver from Norwich England and Bridget Cocke. She was Christened at St. Mary at Coslany, Norwich on 12 Dec 1619 [2](Note that Christening dates are not necessarily birth dates by Puritan custom). Sarah Busby arrived in Boston in 1637 aboard the Rose with her father, mother and three brothers[5]. Sarah Busby`s marriage to Capt. John and their long life and many children together is very well documented although many sources confuse her with another Sarah. (see below and read Facts and Speculation).

NEW! I have written a Proof Argument detailing how Morse got the marriage of Capt. John and Sarah Busby wrong which has muddled this era of Grout history since 1857.

In the spring of 2011 I toured the Watertown / Sudbury area. Here are a few pictures of how these historic places look today. Mary Cakebread is likely buried at the Old Burying Place in Watertown, a Cemetery not far from John Grout`s lots. Capt. John Grout is likely buried in the old section of the Sudbury North Cemetery near modern day Wayland. The Mill Pond still exists in Wayland as do the original Mill Stones.

Painting of
Grist Mill
in Wayland
built 1639

[Many of the actual Sudbury Town documents from the time (Listing John Grout as early as 1643) can now be viewed on line. Click here, then click Search Archive Database, and type Grout, John under `Person`s Name`. Other documents of interest can be located by searching `Cakebread`.]

[A very old map of Watertown can be found here. J. Grouts lots are about center, bordering just West of the Meeting House Common. Click `large size map` and use the magnifying glass to see the lot. Here`s a Goggle Map of the same location today.]

[An original Sudbury town map shows Thomas Cakebread`s homestead by the Mill Pond which Capt. Grout would acquire around 1643. The Mill in the painting to the left is that very Mill. The painting hangs at the Sudbury library. Click the image to see full size. Here's a Google map of Wayland today showing the Mill Pond still there.]

from a
book on
Go to Chirurgery Page

Captain John had with Mary (Cakebread) ;

I. John,2 b. 8 Jun 1641, d. 1707. (Morse, Chapter I, pg 9)

Married 2nd ; Sarah (Busby) and had ;

II. Sarah,2 b. 11 Oct 1643, d. 1702
III. Joseph,2 b. 21 Jul 1649, d. Sep 1720. (Morse Chapter II)
IV. Abigail,2 b. 14 Oct 1655, d. 28 Apl 1745.
V. Jonathan,2 1 Aug 1658, d. 19 Apl 1730. (Morse Chapter III)
VI. Mary,2 1 Aug 1661.
VII. Susanna,2 b. 22 Sep 1664.
VIII. Elizabeth,2 b. 1665.

II. William De Groot,1 b. (?), d. (?), m. Sarah ---.

Of Johns brother, William, less is known. He is thought to have married and been ``absorbed`` by the Dutch in New Jersey, spelling his name Groot and eventually De Groot. He may have been the elder brother, but given that John kept his family name, (and the Coat of Arms) and William didn`t gives pause to the theory.

William and Sarah had:
I. John, 2 b. (?)

NEW! You could answer one of the many questions about Grout ancestry. Find out how here.

Who was Mary --- ? (and other points of Internet confusion)

In the early 1600`s there is little documentation of the Grout lineage although we do know there were premature deaths, remarriages and many children born with the same name as the parent leading to much confusion. To be accurate a researcher would have to write ``unknown`` in many entries. However there has been a lot of conjecture by various authors over many years leading to competing theories. Even Morse got a couple things wrong. The Internet has only exacerbated this problem. This author does not presume to know the truth but many of these theories have obvious discrepancies and many books and websites inaccurate information. The following will (I hope) debunk some of the most grievous errors surrounding Capt. John`s 2 marriages or at least shed some light to fellow researchers.

Morse reports Capt. John`s first wife was ``Mary ---`` and her last name seemed lost to history. However I have concluded our first American Grandmother was Mary Cakebread, sister to Anne Cakebread who married James Cutler. Records show sisters Anne and Mary Cakebread coming to Boston ``unattended``, (meaning past the age of majority), about 1633[6], so Mary`s birth date was no later than 1616 (same age cohort as John). Mary`s sister Anne Cakebread married 1633 James Cutler of Watertown. The Cutler family Website states Anne was born in 1610 and: ``Her sister married Ensign Grout.``

Regarding the confusion over Capt. John`s second wife the record clearly shows he married Sarah Busby, daughter of Nicholas Busby. In the Will of Nicholas Busby Nicholas calls John Grout his ``Sonne`` and leaves money to his daughter ``Sarah`` and to ``Sarah Grout, my grand child``. In the Suffolk County court records John Grout acknowledges receipt of the cash from ``my deceased father in law Nicholas Busby.... and discharge my said mother in law Bridget Busbey``. The main confusion is whether Sarah Busby had been previously married and to whom. Morse reports she was the widow of Thomas Cakebread and many websites now go further and say she was the mother of Mary Cakebread. Unfortunately in this case Morse is wrong. Thomas arrived with his wife ``Sarah`` with the Winthrop Fleet in 1630 and Sarah Busby arrived with her family aboard The Rose in 1637. Read Facts and Speculation here.

NEW! I have collected all the known documented facts regarding this fuzzy period in our history. Click here to read ``Facts and Speculation``

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My Family`s line continues as follows ;

I. John Grout,2 b. 8 Jun 1641 in Sudbury Mass. d. 1707. m. 15 Apl 1667 Rebbecca (Toll) b. 8 Dec 1643, d. 10 Sep 1721.

John raised his family in Sudbury and later lived in Cambridge where he took the Freeman`s Oath in 1680. In later life he moved back to Sudbury.

[Morse says an old Sudbury document indicates John2 1st married his step-sister Sarah Cakebread (Page 9). However in this case this author thinks Morse just got it wrong. Morse assumed Capt. John married Thomas Cakebread`s widow because he acquired Thomas` grist mill. Morse also believed Thomas` widow `Sarah` was Sarah (Busby). However ship`s passenger lists prove there were 2 Sarah`s. Morse was also confused by the fact that in the Sudbury document Thomas Cakebread is called John Grout`s former ``father-in-law``. However, Morse did not know Capt. John`s first wife `Mary` was Mary Cakebread, Thomas` daughter. Thus the John Grout in the Sudbury document has to be Capt. John, not his son.]

John`s eldest surviving son was;

John Grout,3 b. 15 Mar 1685-6 in Sudbury Mass. d. 17 Feb or 4 Apl 1763. m. 1st (?), and 2nd, 3 Sep 1724 Margaret (Adams), b. 24 Jun 1688, d. 12 Apl 1763.

Grout /


John lived in Sudbury and probably ran the Gristmill built by Thomas Cakebread. His second son (Eldest by Margaret) was;

Thomas Grout,4 b. 6 Feb 1728 in Sudbury Mass. d. 19 Jan 1756 m. 1st 19 Jan 1756 Abigail (Parenter), b. 30 Sep 1734.

Thomas grew up in Sudbury, lived for a time at Worchester and eventually moved to Spencer. His son John Grout by his 2nd wife, Dolly Woodward is a member of the Sons of the American Revolution. His second son by Abigale was;

Jonathan Grout,5 b. 2 Jun 1762 in Worcester Mass. d. 13 Jul 1849. m. 20 Apl 1786 Olive (Jones) b. 5 Feb 1762, d. 16 Feb 1848.

Jonathan was born in Worchester but moved to Spencer. His forth son was;

Lory Grout,6 b. 21 Dec 1804, in Sudbury Mass. d. 1881, m. 1st. 3 Jun 1829, Laura (Luther), b. 9 Nov 1808, d. 5 Feb 1858, m. 2nd Lucetta Whittemore (Thayer), b. Oct. 1801, d. 6 Feb. 1884.

In the 1850 Census, Lory Grout was living in Worcester Co., MA. His occupation was `Farmer`. He was then 45. Living with him was his wife, Laura, aka Lauretta, 41, Braman, 17, Laura Ann, 11, Henry Martin, 6, and Oliver Jane, 2. Also, Catherine Luther was living with them, age 73.

Harry Grout reports Lory Grout died in 1881 and is buried in Spencer along with Thomas, 4 and Johnathan, 5.

Lory had with Laura only:


I. George Lewis Grout,7 b. 15 Jun 1830, d. 11 Aug 1918, m. 1st. 11 May 1854, Ellen Maria (Scott), b. 15 Mar 1832, d. 8 Jun 1860 Had:

1. Mary Louisa, b. 19 Mar 1858
2. Ellen Marie, b. 8 Jun 1860, d. 8 Jun 1860

Married 2nd; 30 Nov 1865, Annie Gardener (Haynes), b. 14 Nov 1844, d. 1889 Had:

1. Sadie H., b. 21 July 1867, d. 31 Dec 1950, M. Forehand, had

1. Gladys Irene Forehand Waite, b. 1 Oct 1889, d. 1970

2. Edith Florence, b. 1874, d. 1876
3. Ruth W., b. 1876, d. 1878
4. Everett Haynes, b. 30 Sep 1886, m. Rose H. b. 1887

In the 1880 Census, George was reported to be an ``Organ reed maker``. A family tradition is that George survived the Civil War in part because he was a good cook and his comrades would not allow him to march in the front lines.

II. Hiram `Harry` Luther Grout,7 b. 1 Dec 1831, d. 1915, m. Ellen `Martha` (Osborn), b. 1834, d. 1919, Had:

1. Edgar Homer, b. 1864, d. 6 Jan 1951, m. 1st 8 Aug 1889 Alice Florence Rose.
In the 1920 Census, Edgar lists his occupation as Superintendent-public school. Had with Alice:
1. Herald Alden, b. 1892, d. 11 Aug 1971, m. Margaret Knapp, b. 1897.
Herald was an Actuary for the John Hancock Life Insurance Company. They had:
1. Richard A., b. 1921
2. Esther M., b. 1923. m. Mr. Mullen
3. Robert Washburn, b. 8 Oct 1926, d. 12 Jul 2000 m. 2 Sep 1949 Ruth Trethaway
Robert worked for the Woolworth Co. They had:
1. Susan G., m. Mr. Hume
2. Nancy G., m. Mr. Mocarquer
Nancy moved to Chili
3. Richard W.

Married 2nd Laura Miller, b. 1863. Had with Laura:

2. Julia R., b. 1898
3. Ruth E., b. 1901
Ruth was a professor of public health at the University of Minnesota.
4. Edgar Miller, b. 17 Jan 1908, d. 13 Apl 2000
5. Marion Crosby, b. 21 Jul 1910, d. 16 Feb 1978, m. James Winston Moore, b. 10 Jan 1909, d. 6 Feb 1985
2. Millie E., b. 1867
III. Braman,7 b. 21 Apl 1833, see below.
IV. Laura Ann,7 b. 25 Mar 1840
V. Martin Henry,7 b. 26 Aug 1844
VI. Olive Jane,7 b. 13 May 1848, d. 17 Feb. 1928, m. John Parker Crooks, b. 29 Aug 1846, d. 14 Apl 1894
VII. Mary, b. 1858

(Morses book ends here with the children of Lory Grout.)

Information from Alvan, Eleanor, and Census reports:

Braman Grout. Click for larger image Braman Grout,7 b. 21 Apl 1833, in Leicester Mass. d. 1920. m. 22 Oct 1872 Catherine Emily (White) b. 12 Dec 1847, d. 1926

Braman and his older brother George both joined the 25th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry, Company H, during the Civil War.
Here is an account of their experiences in the Civil War with links and illustrations
and be sure to read the letter written by Braman the day before the attack on Roanoke Island at the bottom of the page.

NEW!Google Books has placed a searchable copy of the book Wearing the Blue, an account of the 25th Mass.
Photo`s of Braman and George can be found on pages 139 and 248

There is a second book now on-line: My diary of rambles with the 25th Mass. volunteer infantry: with Burnside's coast division;
18th army corps, and Army of the James by David L. Day.

In the 1880 Census, Braman was living in Leicester, Worchester Co., MA. (Google map) His occupation was listed as "Card Factory", (meaning cotton and wool hand carders). He was then 47. He was living with Catherine, E. 32, Alfred B., 6, Harry M., 2 and Elizabeth W., 11/12.

In the 1902 Leicester Directory, his occupation was listed as ``foreman, L.S. Watson Mfg. Co.`` (According to Preserve America, Leicester was a center for the Carding industry from the 1780s until the invention of mechanical carders.) He was also listed in 1896 as a Deacon of the `First Congregational Church, (John Nelson Memorial Church) Washburn Sq.`

Home Built by Alonzo White, circa 1848

Catherine Emily White was the daughter of Alonzo White, b. 6 May 1808, who was a descendant of William White of the Mayflower. Alonzo owned A. White and Son, a card manufacturer. Eleanor Grout reports that Catherine inherited Alonzos house in Leicester after she and Braman cared for the elderly Alonzo and his wife.

NEW! I have created a page of White family photo`s

A family tradition is that Catherine was related to Thomas H. White who founded the White Sewing Machine Co. which also made steam cars. At present I cant confirm the relationship, however, the Grout's and White`s were very close. In the 1850`s Thomas H. White and William L. Grout Esq. were partners in a chair manufacturing company in Orange, Massachusetts. White invented a sewing machine and the rest of that is history. However, William Grout also formed a sewing machine company, New Home Sewing Machine Company, in the 1860's. In 1900 White started making steam cars as well. Interestingly, in 1901, William Grout started the Grout Brothers Automobile Company with the slogan, ``It requires only a match to start``, and produced several models of steam cars that ran on kerosene.

A steam car in front of the Grout factory.
Here`s a picture of a restored one.

In the 1920 Census report, Catherine E. Grout was living at home with her daughter Grace Laura.

They had,

I. Alfred Braman,8 b. 23 Nov 1873, d. 24 Mar 1950. m. Viola May (Crocker), b. 12 Oct 1872, d. 2 Jul 1960.
Douglas Hall reports Alfred `was an office manager and paymaster at the Remington Typewriter Company in Lion , N.Y.`, Had ;

Top row
Herald Smith, (Gertruds husband) Gertrude, Catherine (White) Uncle Arthur, Braman

Alfred, (son of Alfred and Viola) Viola (Crocker), (Alfreds wife) Aunt Martha, Maud, (Berkley), (wife of the photographer Harry) Alfred (oldest son of Braman)

Bottom row
Catherine, Elisabeth, Eleanor (Daughters of Alfred and Viola)

1. Alfred Leicester,9 b. 4 Sep 1902, d. 24 May 1990, m. Miriam (Crawford)
2. Catherine White,9 b. 18 Nov 1905, d. 24 Oct 1940
3. Elizabeth Allen,9 b. 19 Aug 1907, d. 18 May 1917
4. Eleanor,9 b. 11 Feb 1909, d. 5 May 2003
5. Mary,9 b. 7 Jul 1921, d. 7 Jul 1921
II. Harry Martin,8 b. 23 Jul 1877, d. Oct 1969, m. Maud (Berkley) b. 11 May 1877, d. 1941. Had ;
1. Luther Berkley,9 b. 30 Jun 1908, d. 2 Jul 1908
III. Elizabeth White,8 b. 13 Jul 1879, d. 8 Mar 1888
IV. Grace Laura,8 b. 21 Oct 1881, d. 1948.
Grace was a stenographer at Probate Court in Worcester, Mass
V. Gertrude May,8 b. 11 Sep 1883, m. Harold Wilder Smith, b. 26 Nov 1883, d. Jul 1964
VI. Alvan Lory,8 b. 28 Sep 1887, see below.

Alvan Grout. Click for larger image Alvan Lory Grout,8 b. 28 Sep 1887, in Leicester Mass. m. Ethel Milton (Evans) b. 16 Dec 1885, d. 13 Sep 1965.

Alvan and Ethel with
son Milton about 1915

Alvan was a Civil Engineer Graduate of Worcester Polytechnic Institute in 1910. According to Louise Grout he designed production lines in the earliest days of assembly line production. In the 1916 Springfield Directory he is listed as a Mechanical Engineer at the S.M. Green Co. In the 1918 Directory he is listed as the Plant Engineer at the H. M. mfg Co.

Rick Grout reports: ``When I first knew him as a kid he was the New England representative for the Logan Company, a manufacturer of material handling systems (e.g. conveyors). He worked out of his home in Worcester, and was responsible for the installation of these systems in various textile mills in the Saco-Biddeford and Lowell-Lawrence areas.``

Scott Mackay reports; ``Your Grandfather Alvan Grout was married to my Grandmothers sister Ethel Evans. Back when I was a kid in the 60s we used to visit them at their beach home in Camp Ellis, ME. Uncle Al, as I knew him, took me along the beach early one morning and taught me how to find and dig for Quahogs (Clams) and occasionally we would find a sand dollar. Aunt Ethel would make the best home made clam chowder.``

Laura Ann Hill reports: ``I have so many fond memories of life at Camp Ellis and also in Worcester. They lived across the street from a pond with swimming beach and as I met kids in the neighborhood, I was just as content being in Worcester as at the beach. Uncle Al was still working and he had an office at home plus at the beach so we moved back and forth, often waiting for him in the car while he made sales calls. I understood that he was an engineer for Logan Company but also did sales.``

Laura Ann Hill also supplied me with many old pictures from the Evans Family.

They had;

I. Milton Lory,9 b. 20 Jul 1914. See below.
II. Vernon Marshall,9 b. 18 Dec 1918, d. 1984, m. Geraldine (Lowrey), b. 8 Feb 1918 d. Dec 2008, and had ;

1. Richard 'Rick' Vernon,10 b. 4 Nov 1943, m. 1965 Marilyn Higley of Albion, NY. Both now live in Bandon OR.
2. Karen,10 b. 11 Dec 1947. m. 2nd, Geoffrey Bairstow of Yorkshire, UK. Karen now lives in South Orleans MA. Had:
1. Sarah,11
2. Rachel,11
3. Dorothy `Danielle` Ellen,10 b. 17 Apl 1957. m. Steven Risch of Grand rapids. Both now live in Salem NH.

Milton Grout. Click for larger image Milton Lory Grout ,9 b. 20 Jul 1914. d. 30 Dec 1984. m. Louise (Line), b. 22 Oct 1919. d. 25 June 2014.

Milton grew up in Massachusetts and received his MBA from Harvard Business School at the age of 24. He was a Naval Communications officer, stationed in London during WWII and often delivered messages to Winston Churchill.
After the war, Milton and Louise moved to the Seattle area where he spent his professional life working for the fishing industry, rising to the position of Vice President of Financial Affairs for the New England Fish Company, which, in the 1970s, was the largest privately held fishing company in the world.

Milton paid his way through Harvard playing Banjo in the Dixieland Band; Arthur Pruneaus Banjoliers. After graduation, he became an Assistant Controller at Mount Holyoke School where he met his future wife, Louise Line. After WWII, they moved to Seattle where he was an avid outdoorsman. He enjoyed camping, fly fishing and mushroom hunting. He became such an expert at mushroom identification that he served 3 terms as the President of the Puget Sound Mycological Society in the 70s and 80s and was one of the societys primary mushroom identification class teachers. He was also a past President of the Financial Executives Institute.

Louise Line grew up in Missoula Montana and attended Mount Holyoke College. She raised her family in the Seattle area and taught at Bellevue Community College in the 1970`s. In 1991 she moved to Corvallis Montana, just South of Missoula.

Check out my Line family history page.

They had;

I. Judith (Reynolds) ,10 b. 18 May 1946. m. 1st, James Dean, 2nd Peter Reynolds. Had with Dean only;

1. Gregory Stark,11 b. 6 Aug 1970

II. Elizabeth (Roberts),10 b. 13 Dec 1949, m. 2nd, Bruce Roberts. Had ;

1. Tahra,11 b. 1981, Had;
1. Zoe, b. 18 May 2004
2. Jessica,11 b. 1984, m. 2012 Anthony Blake

III. Robert Milton,10 b. 25 May 1956. See below.

IV. William Campbell,10 b. 10 Apl 1959, m. 2nd, Teresa, 3rd, Rae, Had with Teresa only;

1. Hannah,11

Robert Milton Grout, 10 b. 25 May 1956. m. Gail Hellene (Pollack), b. 8 April 1952, d. 28 March 2019, div. 1997. With Diana Vinci since 1998. Had with Gail only:

I. Samuel Taylor,11 b. 9 Dec 1983
II.Julia Lynn,11 b. 22 Oct 1988.

Well, that's all for now. Hope you enjoyed this brief family history lesson.

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[1] Rev. Abner Morse, A.M., The Genealogy of the Descendants of Several Ancient Puritans, Boston, Dutton and Sons, 1857, chapter: Grout
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