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Family Record


Martin Lyon
And his Descendents

Collected and compiled by
Lemuel McClellan Line M. D.
Grand Mound, Iowa


Lemuel McClellan Line M. D.

Reuben H. and Margaret R. Line
This record is most respectfully dedicated

It is difficult to write a history of ones ancestry when every thing that he has to rely upon is so enveloped in a mist that is impenetrable and no matter how one may yearn, to look into that realm of the unwritten past his effort will almost prove useless, as the record is only written upon the minds of those who slumber in the grave. What an age has passed we of this latter day can fully appreciate, and yet our lives are like dying embers at first a flicker, then another and with a mighty effort to survive, it flashes up only to go out as those who have gone before- we sit and muse and wish that the ashes of the past, might once again, assume their ruddy glow, and tell the tales that oft they had heard - yet we in our progression can not give the inanimate speech nor portray with an adequate justice, the many scenes in wood and field-Their deeds and actions can only cast their reflection through the generation of the present, and as we labor on in our daily avocation our lives displaying many of the traits of the forgotten dead-The restless spirit of man although limited by the laws of the body is yet as boundless as the universe-In his curiosity he is adventuresome and fears no restraints that may seemingly be in the way-The heat of a tropic zone or the rigors of an arctic winter did not quench the desire for adventure among those sturdy yeomanry of a century ago, and although many heroes have their names enrolled in the archives of history, yet many, who have performed heroic deeds have moldered in the dust and are forgotten these many years ago-It was about the year 1715 that we find the first trace of a record of our ancestors- We are unable to unearth their birthplace from the musty records that are now extant. Martin Lyon being of that disposition to refrain from idle boasting has left no trace of his boyhood days-From whence he came will probably never be known, for the only authentic report we have of his doings' is that he and a brother resided at or near the present City of Lancaster, Pa-In Avg. 1760, he being desirous of going further south bade farewell to his brother and wended his way toward the sunny hills of Maryland, In those days, the country traversed was thickly inhabited by various tribes of Indians, whose treachery every settler was well aware of, and accordingly no one ventured to go any distance from home unless he was ready for any emergency. Let your imagination conjure the many incidents that would naturally occur on this journey from Lancaster to the present town of Boonsborough Md. The object in view was to secure for himself a desirable home, and he soon selected a part of the Fellfoot and the Grove situated in Washington County Md, near the present town of Boonsborough.

The following is a true copy of the original deed of the

Line Farm.

This indenture made the 6th, day of September in the year of our Lord 1760, between Joseph Chapline of Frederick County and Province Md. of the one part and Martin Lyon of the same County and Province afore said of the other part. Witnesseth; that the said Joseph Chapline for and

Page 2

in consideration of the sum of eighty pounds current money to him in hand paid by the said Martin Lyon before the ensealing and delivery of those present the receipt whereof the said Joseph Chapline doth hereby acknowledge himself fully satisfied and contented and of every part and parcel thereof doth acquit and discharge the said Martin Lyon his heirs executors administrators and assignees, forever by those presents, hath granted bargained and sold ; aliened and confirmed and by these presents, doth fully clearly and absolutely grant, bargain and sell alien and confirm unto the said Martin Lyon, his heirs or assignees, all that tract or parcel of land, called Lyon's Purchase being part of two tracts of land, the one called part of the resurvey of the Grove, the other part of the Fellfoot enlarged, situated lying and being in the County aforesaid and contained in the following corld Viz; Beginning at the end of 22 perches in the 9th land of the original tract of land called the Grove and running then south 22 perches then south 57 degrees, West 98 perches, then south 48 degrees, east 264 perches to the line of a tract of land called Piley's Grove and thereby and with said line North 27 degrees; east 28 perches then north 17 degrees, east 111 perches to a piece of land laid out for Peter Barton and with the said Barton north 34 degrees, west 55 perches then North, 40 1/2 degrees, east 20 perches, then by a straight line to the beginning, containing and now laid out for 200 acres of land be the: same more or less, together with all the house building and improvement, whatsoever with the reversion and reversions, issues and profits whatsoever of all and singular the said premises and every part, and parcel thereof to have and to hold the said tract of land and premises with their appurtenances, before by these presents bargained and sold or mentioned or intended to be hereby granted bargained and sold aliened and confirmed and every part and parcel thereof unto the said Martin Lyon his heirs executors, and administrators and acquit and hand over to the said Martin Lyon, his heirs and assignees forever and the said Joseph Chapline for himself, his heirs executors and administrators; doth hereby covenant promise and agree to and with the said Martin Lyon, his heirs executors and administrators and agent, that the said Joseph Chaplin, his heirs executors, administrators, all and single the before bargained premises with their appurtenances and every part and parcel thereof to the said Martin Lyon, his heirs and assignees against all persons whatsoever, shall and will warrant and. forever defend by-these presents and lastly the said Joseph Chapline, his heirs executors, administrators, shall and will from time to time, and at all times hereafter, at the request of and at the proper costs and charge of him, the said Martin Lyon, in the law ,or of his heirs, executors administrators, or assignees make, to execute or cause to be made done, or executed or suffered, all and every such further or other act or acts thing or things, device or devices, assurance or assurances, whatsoever irrequisite in the premises for the better assurance and more sure making the bargained premises within the said Martin Lyon his heirs, executors and assignees

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forever be it by the jurlment of these presents or fee ofment or by any other loss or means as by him the said Martin Lyon, is heirs executor, administrators or assignees or his or their council learned in the law, shall be reasonably advised or required. In witness whereof the said Joseph Chapline hath hereunto set his hand and affixed his seal the day and year above, written,

Joseph. Chapline.

Martin Lyon the first one of our ancestors that we have any trace of, was born about the year 1712, He was of that sturdy yeomanry that left Penn. and founded a home in Maryland. From all tradition he was an adventurer and hunter, still possessing those qualities that make the home life agreeable, he was looking after the welfare of his family; We have no reason to suspect that he was any but an honored and respected citizen wherever he resided. His life, like many or the settlers of America, was partially devoted to agriculture and hunting, the needs of the family were always looked after, and his many trips made in the woods brought forth an abundant supply of game, so farming was always conducted upon a small scale. As a hunter he was ranked at the head of the list, and his life's enjoyment was principally confined to this. During his residence at Lancaster he was married and eight children were the fruits of that union, four of whom were born at Lancaster respectively : John, Henry, Jacob, and Elizabeth; John the oldest one, became a hatter by trade and followed his vocation for many yeas in the neighborhood of Boonsborough Md No descendants are left to represent him in the present generation. The second son Henry was a tall well built muscular man, many legends being told of his agility as a wrestler, and from descriptions of his strength, one is led to believe that he was superior physically to anyone in the surrounding country. When arriving at Fellfoot he soon entered a tannery establishment at Shepherdstown W. Va. and afterwords followed this vocation until his death. many of his descendants are now living at Shepherdstown W.VA. His son Jacob desiring to follow farming as an occupation his Father assisted him in buying the farm now known as the George Baker farm and there he spent his remaining days in the comforts of his family: Many of his descendants are now residents of Keedyville Md. Elizabeth was married to Lodwick Kemp at Lancaster Pa. and came to Md. with their Father. While at Fellfoot there was born to Martin Lyon four children Viz: Mary Catherine Barbara and George: Mary was married to John Nicodemus, and upon their death their child Mary was taken care of by her Grandparents, and comforted then in many ways during their old age. Little is known of Catherine except that she was married to Wendell Close. Barbara the youngest daughter was married to Frederick Wolf, we are unable to trace any descendants. The youngest child George is the one that interest us more than any of the other children of Martin Lyon, for through him we must trace our lineage. Martin Lyon died in the year 1805

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at the ripe old age of ninety years he was buried in the old graveyard on the Fellfoot farm, his wife Catherine died two years later at the age of seventy five, and was laid to rest beside her husband. We herewith append a copy of his last will and testament.

The Will of Martin Lyon of Boonsborough. Maryland.

In the name of God Amen, I Martin Lyon of Washington County and State of Mary land being in perfect health and disposing mind, memory and understanding, considering the certainty of death, and being desirous to settle my worldly affairs and thereby be the better prepared to leave this world when it shall please God to call me home. I do therefore make and publish this my last will and testament in manner and form following.
That is to say:
First and principally, I recommend my soul in to the hands of Almighty God my body to be buried in a Christian like manner at direction of my executors hereafter named, and touching my worldly estate I dispose of the same in manner and form following, to wit;
First: That all my just debts and funeral charges be paid by my executors.
Secondly: It is my will and desire that my beloved wife Catherine shall have during her natural life, and not be accountable for in lieu of her thirds of my whole estate, the dwelling house which we now live in and as much of the garden as she may require for her own use, all my household and kitchen furniture and utensils, one riding mare, saddle and bridle and one cow for which mare and cow my son George shall find food and stabling during her natural life, and my son George shall further furnish and give unto my wife, his mother yearly and every year without care or charge during her natural life: Four pounds current money, ten bushels of wheat, five bushels of rye, four bushels of corn, one fat hog, or 140 pounds of pork, thirty pounds of beef, twelve pounds of hackled flax or hemp, five pounds of wool, one bushel of salt, and as many potatoes as she may require for her own use.
Thirdly; It is my will and desire that my Granddaughter Mary Nicodemus have ton pounds current money, which shall be paid unto her by my wife Catherine so soon as said Granddaughter is married.
Fourthly; It is my Will and desire that my Granddaughter after the death of my wife Catherine have all the household and kitchen furniture and utensils and stock if any there be remaining, coequally divided among my three daughters Elizabeth wife of Lodwick Kemp. Catherine wife of Wendall Close, and Barbara, wife of Frederick Wolf. Fifthly: I give and bequeath unto my son George Lyon his heirs and assignees forever in fee simple 208 acres of land being part of a parcel of

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land called Fellfoot and which he and myself now live on and occupy. The house and part of the garden for the use of my wife as above mentioned excepted during her life; Also one wagon, one wind mill, one jack screw, two planes one iron harrow : provided my son George complies strictly with the provision of this, my will as before mentioned and that my son George, his heirs, or assignees do permit and allow his brother Jacob Lyon his heirs or assignees to have and enjoy peaceably the use of three days and three nights in each week of such part of the stream of Water as runs through said George Lyons land, and as my son Jacob may require for watering his land and Lastly: I do hereby constitute and appoint my two sons Jacob and Henry Lyon to be my sole executors of this my last will and testament.

In testimony whereof I have hereto set my hand and seal this seventh day of march in the year of our Lord 1805.

Martin Lyon.

Signed sealed and published by me; Martin-Lyon; the above named testator and for my last will and testament, in the presence have subscribed our names as witnesses thereto in the presence of each other.
George Scott
John Beterbenner.

An official archive transcription of the will of Martin Lyon can be found here with some interesting variations including his name spelled 'Lein', the notation, 'In German', and this: 'Additional Comments: Note written on edge of Will says, 'Crystal Caverns on this farm on road Boonsboro Keedysville Md'.

In a sequestered spot some seventeen miles from the present city of Fredrick Maryland there was born unto Martin Lyon and his wife a son who became the heir of the tract of land called Fellfoot. This incident occurred sometime in the year of 1767. His boyhood days were passed as most of the young men of that period; There was constant watching from raids made by the Indians and the pursuit of Agriculture gave little time for idleness. About the age of twenty six he was married to Margaret Hoover and the result of this happy union was a family of four girls and two boys. Elizabeth the oldest daughter was married to a Mr. Toms, after the death of her husband she resided in Boonsborough Md. and lived to a ripe old age.
A son went to Indiana to live and a daughter Elizabeth was married to a Mr. Fleharty.
Elizabeth their daughter was married to Anthony McBride who was Register of Mount Saint Mary’s college Emmetsburg Maryland.
Catherine Line a second daughter was married to George Petre, who moved to Virginia, we have been unable to trace any descendants.
Polly Line was married to Conrad Thompson who followed blacksmithing as an occupation for many years in Boonsborough Md. Their Only child Margaret was married to Ezra Birely unto them was born three sons, Charles now a resident of Indianapolis Ind. William of Billings Montana and George of California.
John Line died at an early age and was buried in the graveyard at Fellfoot.
Margaret was born in 1793, she was as devoted to her friends as one could be under the circumstances, her home was made with her brother Jacob

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and after the death of Leah Line she took an active part in bringing up the children of her brother Jacob after a very useful and eventful life she passed away to a better world on May 18, 1863. Lamented by a host of friends and more especially by her nephews and nieces, to whom she was known as Aunty. Below is a copy of

The Will of George Line

In the name of God Amen. I George Line of Washington County and State of Maryland, being in perfect health, and disposing mind, memory and understanding, considering the certainty of death, and being desirous to settle my worldly affairs, and thereby be the better prepared to leave this world when it shall please God to call me home. I do therefore make and publish this my last Will and testament in manner and form following.

That is to say:

Firstly: I give unto my wife Margaret Line and daughter Margaret Line, all the house furniture, such as beds, and bedding, tables, chairs, stoves, kitchen furniture, and all such furniture which I have in use in housekeeping. They also shall have privilege to part of the house: part of the kitchen cellar half of the garden, and as much fruit as they may stand in need of which privilege they shall have as long as they live, also a piece of ground for potatoes.
Secondly: I give unto my son Jacob Line, all my wagons, ploughs, harrows, jack screws, cross cut saw, old iron, also four horses, and horse gears.
Thirdly: I give unto my son Jacob Line, all my land and property, and buildings, except the exceptions made above, which right my wife and daughter Margaret, are to have during their life. My son Jacob Line is to pay for the land the sum of two thousand dollars, commencing one year after my death to pay two hundred and fifty dollars, each and every year, to my daughter Katherine, Elizabeth, Polly and Margaret, until the whole sum of two thousand dollars is paid.
Fourthly: The money standing out by note book account and etc. is both interest and principal to be equally divided among my four daughters, Katherine, Elizabeth. Polly, and Margaret, with this exception: the advance already made to my daughters, which hereafter will be mentioned, must be brought in the calculation, that each get share and share alike.
Fifthly, I have already given to my daughters: Katharine, the sum of forty five dollars, Elizabeth, one hundred and ten dollars and Poll two hundred dollars.
Sixthly: My son Jacob Line is to furnish my wife and daughter Margaret as follow: during their life each one hog weighing about one hundred and fifty pounds each, each one cow, and each two sheep, each five pounds of hackled hemp, The cows and sheep, my son Jacob is not to purchase for them, only to find pasture and feed them, as he would his own. Also he is to

Page 7

find them firewood ready brought to the house and as much grain as they themselves may stand in need of during their life to be taken to the mill by my son Jacob and brought home again.
Seventhly: the turnpike stock that I hold in the Boonsborough Turnpike road to be equally divided between my wife and Jacob, and daughter Margaret.
Eighthly; The residue of my personal estate to be equally divided among my son and daughter' Margaret.
Lastly; I do hereby constitute, and appoint my Son Jacob Line, and Conrad Thompson, to be my sole executors of this, my last will and testament,

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal, this fifth day of November, in the year one thousand eight, hundred and twenty five.

George Line, Seal.

Signed, sealed, published, and declared, by George Line to be his last will and testament in the presence of us, who at his request, in his presence and in the presence of each other, have subscribed our names as witnesses thereto

Septimus Stephen
Charles Holler.
Ezra Slifer.

Codicil to the Will of George Line

Whereof I George Line of Washington County, and State of Md. Have made my last will and testament, on the fifth day of November 1825, which said will and testament, and every clause, bequest, and otherwise therein contained, I do hereby ratify and confirm, saving and excepting such clauses and bequests, and devices, herein mentioned as are by me herein revoked and made void, and being desirous to alter such parts thereof, and having addition, do therefore, hereby make this, my codicil, which shall be taken and held as a part of my said will and testament, in manner and form following, That is to say: My wife is to have all the money in the house, and that on interest and all debts to me and apply the same to whom she may think proper. My wife if she may think proper to leave her place of residence, and should she in such case my son Jacob, or his heirs are to furnish the different articles to my wife, and daughter Margaret as mentioned in the afore going will dated the fifth of November, 1825, and in addition my son Jacob Line is to give fifteen bushels of wheat, and five bushels of rye, put the same to the mill as directed by my wife, and have it brought home again to her place of dwelling. My Son Jacob Line to furnish to my wife fifty pounds of beef in the fall of the year. My wife and daughter are to have the privilege to the poultry and eggs, whenever they may think proper to take the same.

In witness thereof I have set hereunto my hand and seal this the 18th day

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of December, in the year of 1858.

George Line,

Signed sealed and published by George Line the above testator as and for a codicil to his last will and testament, in the presence of us who at his request in his presence and in the presence of each other, have subscribed our hands and names as witnesses thereunto.

Septimus Stephen.
Charles Holler.
Ezra Slifer.

The Will of Margaret Line the wife of George Line.

Wheras my estate consist principally of money put out at interest and as I cannot ascertain the exact amount thereof.
I give and bequeath to my daughter Elizabeth Toms, (widow) one fourth part of all my estate.
I give and bequeath to my daughter Margaret Line one fourth part of all my estate.
I give and bequeath unto my grandchildren George Thompson Jacob Thompson, and Margaret Thompson children of my deceased daughter Mary, wife of Conrad Thompson one fourth part of all my estate to be equally divided amongst the said George, Jacob and Margaret Thompson, share and share alike.
And lastly: I do hereby constitute, and appoint, my son Jacob Line to be my sole executor, of this my last will and testament, revoking and annulling all former wills by me heretofore made ratifying and confirming this, and none other to be my last will and testament.
In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this twelfth day of May 1840.

Margaret Line.

Signed, sealed, published, and declared, by Margaret Line to be her last will and testament in the presence of us, who at her request, in her presence and in the presence of each other, have subscribed our names as witnesses

Henry Nyman.
George Hamilton.
James Brown.

George Line died on ___ at about the age of ___
his wife lived with her son Jacob and departed this life

Jacob Line the third child of George and Margaret Line was born at Fellfoot December, 29, 1792. He being the only son living it was but natural that he should inherit the homestead. No one went at the task of fulfilling the requirements of his Fathers will more willingly, than the heir of all of Fellfoot, and it was through his persistency and hard labor, that so much

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of this land was put under cultivation. His education was that of a back woodsman, very few schools were in existence at this time, and particularly was this true in those districts located some distance from populous centers. During his life he was able to look after his financial affairs and through his association with other people he succeeded in picking up a vast store of knowledge. At the age of 19, he was sent to Baltimore with a wagon load of flour, to him in that day a City was as wonderful as one would be in the present time to a country boy who was never beyond the confines of his own county. Jacob Line was married to Leah Nicodemus, her parents were adjoining farmers and through early associations, an attachment was formed which eventually ended as related above. We give below a short and descriptive account of the children of Jacob and Leah Line.

John the first one of their children, was born , 1819, he was sent to school in Boonsborough for several terms and thereby gathered the rudiments of an education, he was married at an early age, and immediately after his marriage his father bought a farm on Beaver Creek for his Occupancy. At the present time at the age of 84 he is living on a farm that is owned by himself near Brethedsville Md. A large family of children live in the immediate neighborhood, viz: Samuel, Viletta, Daniel, Stella, Maggie, Fannie, Etta, John, Charles, and Delia.

Marietta the second child was married to Adam Hutzel and resided for many years near the town of Keedysville Md, but after the death of her Father her husband bought the farm known as Fellfoot, The following is a list of their children: Jacob, who is a farm Marietta, who was married to Mr. Snively, and died leaving three children respectively: Lena Marietta, and Harvey Snively. John a resident of California. Thomas, Harvey, Etta and Florence who live at home with their Mother, and Edward employed in the Pension Department at Washington D.C. Adam Hutzel died of Pneumonia March,12th.1891

Samuel Line was taken sick while making hay and died suddenly at age of fifteen years.

Reuben Line will be referred to in another column.

Sophia Line being the oldest daughter a great responsibility fell upon her shoulders when, her Mother died leaving a number of small to be looked after, with the assistance of 'Aunty' she proved her ability by successfully managing the household for many years. During her life she has remained single, and when her Father moved to Boonsborough she with her brother Jacob accompanied him, and lived there until his death, at the present time she and her brother Jacob live together.

Jacob E Line the fourth son has been an invalid all his life, still upon him devolved the duty of looking after the financial interests of his father. He has been a sufferer from neuralgia of the stomach for many years it has

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not only involved his stomach, but has effected his face, and especially his eyes, for sometime, he was fearful of losing the sight of both eyes, but at the present time he is able, with the assistance of a pair of glasses to see quite readily, He was one of the executors of his Fathers will, he with his sister Sophia, by this will fell heir to the residence owned by Jacob Line, and they live together in this property.

Allan Line in connection with his brother Thomas farmed Fellfoot, and continued to farm together until they were married, he was married to Annie Alabaugh, and after the death of his father he bought a small place lying on the turnpike leading from Boonsborough to Frederick and about one mile from the former place. Emma Line is their only child.

Margaret Line was born September 13, 1839. Her life was spent in the associations of home, and about the age of twenty four she was married to Elias Davis. One child was born unto them, which died in infancy. She died from the effects of a stroke of Appoplexy on October 30th 1883.

Thomas F Line engaged in farming, with his brother Allan at an early age, and was married to Lina Toms a daughter of Jacob Toms, after their marriage he moved on a farm owned by his Father-in-law, and after his death his wife fell heir to the farm, and soon afterwards, they bought property, and moved to the town of Boonsborough Md. The following children are the results of this union: Viz: Flora, Ida, Clara and Frank.

Clara Line was quite young when her Mother died, but under the care of her sisters she did not want for a mothers care. She was married to Isaih Ringer, who followed huckstering for many years, near Keedysville Md. He moved to Baltimore and went into the Wholesale Commission business and followed this occupation until his death. Clara still lives in Baltimore where her two children Edward and Kansas Ringer are engaged in business.

Jacob Line was known as a kind-hearted man who had but few enemies and retained the respect or all until his death. At the age of seventy two he had a severe attack of dropsy but he made a good recovery and lived to be 84 years old. He died on the thirtieth of April 1879 and was buried on Friday the second day of May. His funeral services were held in the Reformed Church by Rev. S. S. Miller Pastor, assisted by Rev. John Reubush of the U. B. Church. His wife died many years before of an Appoplectic stroke, this event occurred on February 18 1852. They rest together in Boonsborough Cemetery, where a monument is erected to commemorate them.

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Reuben Henry Line the second son of Jacob and Leah Line, was born an the 30th of October 1830. The first few years of his life were uneventful ones but as he grew older, the stern necessities of the present age demanding a better education, than had been given to those of the past generation. At about the age of nine years he was sent to a subscription school taught by James Brown, and the first winter attended one term, during the winter terms the school was full to overflowing, and a class of boys would at attend, who were always causing trouble and more than one rough and tumble fight occurred during school hours. His education consisted of three terms of schooling, and it was remarkable the amount of knowledge obtained, in such a short course. There was no lack of something to do in his boyhood days, at the age of sixteen while harvesting one of the cradlers disappointed them, so he took up the cradle and performed his work as satisfactory as any of them. From the age of eighteen to twenty four years, he was his Fathers main dependence and through him a larger part of the home was put under cultivation, than had ever been before. During the early days great revival meetings were held in Mt. Hobron Church, and to these meetings the young and old from miles around attended upon occasions like the above he would often meet Margaret Thomas, and about the age of twenty six they were united in marriage at Hagerstown Md. By the Rev. F. R. Ansbach on 30th of October 1856. His Father about this time built the stone house situated one fourth mile north of the turnpike, a great deal of this work was performed by him, and as soon as erected it was occupied, by, him. His father had given him a colt, and on October the third 1827, he concluded to take it home, after mounting the colt showing no disposition to go, he had his brother hit it with a stick, the colt made a plunge and fell over onto him fracturing his ankle joint so severely, that he was unable to do any work for almost a year, and he has never been able to walk without limping. Following this misfortune came the war, and with it came destruction to all the growing crops as well as the poultry, hogs, and three horses. Besides this any thing that was of any value was destroyed by either one or the other of the Armies. He was drafted for service in the U. S.A. but was rejected on account of his fractured ankle. For eight years he had faithfully farmed a portion of Fellfoot, when against the wishes of his folks he concluded to move to Ohio. After his sale he purchased tickets for himself wife and four children, to Winchester Preble county Ohio, and arrived there October 14th 1864. During the following winter he was employed in a packing house, and in the spring he commenced farming again. He remained in Ohio until March 14 1868, it was through the solicitation of his father and the promise that he would assist him to buy a farm, that induced him to return to Maryland, but owing to the high price asked for the land it

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was thought best not to purchase, again he moved his family in the stone house on the home farm, and remained there for three and one half years when he moved near Bretherdsville Md. with the intention of farming his Brother-in-laws place but on account of some disagreement he left the place in the spring and moved to Boonsborough Md. and lived on church street in that town for twelve years. It was during these twelve years that his children grew to be young men and women, and the school facilities being excellent they all had splendid opportunities which was taken advantage of. His son Thomas having located at Marquette Nebraska in the practice of his profession. in April 1884, Reuben Line and his son Lemuel visited him and during his stay there, he purchased eighty acres of land within a mile of the above place. In the spring of 1882, he moved his family from the east, and began life again as a farmer, and since that time he has continued to till the soil, and now at the age of 63 he is still able to do a good days work. He has things so arranged that he can live in comparative comfort.


Margaret Rebecca Thomas was born May 29 1834, she was married to Reuben Line at the age of twenty three. She was the daughter of Daniel and Margaret Thomas, who were prosperous farmers adjoining the Line's. Her Fathers ancestors were early settlers in America, her mother was a daughter of Stephen Carpenter. Daniel Thomas died at the age of 83, his wife died of softening of the brain in the sixty eight year of her age. Polly Daniel Margaret and Lizzie were the children of Daniel Thomas by his second wife Margaret Carpenter, he also had four children by a former wife.
Daniel Thomas lives at Mt. Morris Ill. where he has reared a family of three sons and two daughter respectively: Millard Annie Flora Earnest and Edward.
Polly was married to Stockslager who lived near Chewsville Md. She died from the effects of a cancer leaving a large family of children. Elizabeth, the youngest daughter was married to Jacob Huffer and they lived at Bretherdsville Md. Two girls are their only living children.

We give below a short but descriptive account of the children of Reuben and Margaret Line


Thomas Henry Line was born April 21st 1858. He attended the Public Schools of Boonsborough, and graduated in the Grammar School Department, and soon afterwards went to Omaha and in the fall of 1878, he commenced the study of Medicine with Dr. Newcomer of Mt. Morris Illinois. The fall of 1879, he entered the Medical Department of The University of Michigan, and the following fall he continued his studies at Rush Medical

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College, and graduated from this institution on March 24th 1881. After leaving college he located in Adeline Ill. He remained here till Dec. 1885 In February 1883 he arrived in Marquette Nebraska and continued to practice here until October 1891, with the exception of a part of the year of 1887 which was spent in Ogallala Nebr. From here he moved to Aurora and from there located at Doniphan Nebr. He served as Coroner for one year in Hamilton County, and has been Secretary of Board of Pensions at Aurora for the past three years. He was married to Mary R Brantner of Boonsborough Md. February 25th 1886.

Mary R Brantner was born July 26 1861. Her Father, Thomas Brantner is a carpenter and contractor of Omaha Nebr. Her Parents ancestors (Branter's and Leighters) were early settlers in Western Maryland.

The following are the children of Dr. T. H. and Mary Line.

Thomas Brantner Line was born February 28th 1888.
Emma Kate Line was born January 1st.1890, and died June 19th 1890 .
Alpha A. Line ws born June 12 1891.


Clarence C. Line was born in the stone house September 11 th.1860. He attended the Public Schools of Boonsborough Md. and at the age of eight he visited Ill. but returned in the fall, during the winter he learned the cigar business and opened a "cigar manufactory” in the spring finding that this business was injuring his health he disposed of it, and once again went west, spending part of the year of 1884, in Ohio, Ill and Ogalalla Nebraska. This place remained his home for over eight years, and during his stay here he took up one hundred and sixty acres under “the homestead act” and the same under "the timber culture act”, before leaving, he received the deed for both tracts. For the last year he has felt that his Father was not able to do the work at home, so he is assisting, and living at home.


Lemuel M. Line was born in the stone house on Fellfoot November 14th 1861. He accompanied his Father to Ohio at the age of three, and when he returned he found that he was old enough to attend the Public School of Boonsborough. His boyhood days were spent amidst the quiet scenes of, the latter, at the age of eighteen he graduated from the high school, and soon after this, he commenced clerking for C.E. Shafer, he remained there till April 1881: when he left for Ill. During his stay here he commenced the study of Medicine under the direction of his brother Thomas who was then practicing at Adeline Ill. The coming fall he entered the Rush Medical College. He returned to his old home, and he and his uncle Jacob entered into the Drug Business under the firm name of J.E. and L.M. Line. Being desirous of continuing his Medical Studies they disposed of the store

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in the fall, and he entered The College of Physicians and Surgeons, of Balto Md., and graduated March 24th 1884. Soon after this he went to Marquette Nebraska where he remained for a few months. His brother Dr. T. H. and himself formed a copartnership in the Drug Business at Ogallala Nebr. and he arrived there June 29 1884 and remained there till December 1891.
During his residence there he was County Physician for a number of years, also a member of the Board of Insanity. For one and a half years he was the President, and the same length of time Secretary of The Ogalalla Loan and Building Association . From 1888 to 1890 he was Secretary of the Pension Board at Ogallala Nebr. He located in Grand Mound Iowa Dec. 5th 1861. September the third 1890, he was united in marriage at DeWitt Iowa, to Mary A. Campbell by the Rev. Taggart Campbell.

Mary Alice Campbell was born November the Fifth 1862, at DeWitt Iowa. Her Father Robert H. Campbell was a farmer up to 1876 he then opened a Lumber Yard in DeWitt, and continued in this business until his retirement in 1891. Their ancestors came from Scotland. Her Mother was a daughter of John Finney, of Mansfield Ohio. She attended College at Ada Ohio, and has taught in the Public School of Clinton County Iowa, and Ogallala Nebraska, for ten years.

Robert Campbell Line the son of Dr. L. M. and Mary Campbell Line was born at Ogallala Nebr. July 26th 1891.


Seetta E Line was born July 29th 1893 in the stone house near Boonsboro Her early days were spent in attending school, and when her parents went west she accompanied them. In June 1835, she went to Ogallala to keep house for her brothers. For the past three years she has lived at home.


Jacob E Line was born at Winchester Ohio on June 5th 1865. At an early age he assisted in the Butcher Business, and in 1885 he left for Ogallala to take charge of Line Bros, Drug Store, at that time it was owned by Drs. T H. and L. M. Line but later he bought the interest of his brother Thomas.
In the spring of 1893 they closed their store, with the intention of locating it elsewhere, and during this vacation he was employed at Glenville Nebr. as a prescription clerk in a Drug Store there.

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Francis M Line was born at Winchester Ohio March the 14th 1867. He was an apt student, and at the age of fourteen was one of the brightest boys of his class, at sixteen he entered Mercersburg College of Mercersburg Pa. he attended two years here, and entered Franklin and Marshal College of Lancaster Pa. in his sophomore year. He graduated from this institution June 17th 1888, receiving the A. B. degree. Three years later he graduated from the Theological Seminary located at the same place. His first charge was at Everett Pa. where he was ordained as a Minister of the Reformed Church in the United States. On October 28th 1891 he was married to Ada M. Smaling of Lancaster Pa. In May 1893, he moved to Tyrone and became the Pastor of the Reformed Church there.

Ada Hartmen Smaling was born at Lancaster Pa July 3rd 1866. She is a daughter of Benjamin K and Emma E, Smaling. Her mother maiden name was Martzoll. The Smalings and Martzolls were some of the first settlers of Lancaster County Pa.

Emma Marguerite Line the daughter of Francis M. and Ada H. Line was born December 1st. 1892.


Emma A. Line was born November the 14 1868 in the stone house on Fellfoot. During her life, she has remained at home with her parents. Her opportunity for a good education was not equal to her brothers and sisters as she left Boonsborough when only sixteen years old.


Edward E Line was born July 9th 1870. Died October 10th 1870


Clara C. Line was born May 16th 1872 and died July 29 1872

In presenting the foregoing record, I feel satisfied that I have given a Perfect one as far as could be ascertained. All grammatical as well as typographical errors can be laid to the haste in which this was prepared being printed during vacant hours by me, who is not, and does not pretend to be a printer.

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